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the Rail Holiday Maker

Scouring the planet for your next holiday

After 8 years at a big rail tour operator, trailblazing around Britain, Europe and beyond in search of your next exciting train holiday, followed by 5 years running a smaller rail holiday business, I was about to start a new job. Sitting on a Greek beach, miles and miles from the nearest railway (Mrs C booked this one!), reading entertaining but uninspiring books, I sat bolt upright and shouted,"That's it! I'm going to write a book!"

Whilst the rest of the beach didn't share my excitement, it's now finished and is called "The Rail Holiday Maker", a peek inside the travel industry, a look at how holidays happen and the scrapes that the holiday designer has to endure sometimes so that your holiday is seamless. It was supposed to get rail out of my system, as well as a collection of colourful chinos, but it didn't work. So here's to tight tangerine trousers....and to the next adventure! 


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